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Beyton, Suffolk

Welcome to Manor Oak Homes’ public consultation website for our proposed new development at land south of Bury Road, Beyton, Suffolk. 

Following the pre-application consultation, Manor Oak Homes have now submitted an outline planning application to Mid-Suffolk for the Erection of 14No dwellings (including 5No affordable) with associated access, parking and landscaping.

Mid Suffolk Application Reference: DC/21/04987

Our Vision

Manor Oak Homes are promoting the land south of Bury road on the western edge of Beyton for residential development. The site represents one of two sites (the other being land opposite The Bear Public House) that were most popular amongst the community as part of the ongoing Neighbourhood Plan process. 

As a result, it has been included as a proposed site allocation in the recent draft of the Beyton Neighbourhood Plan that was consulted on across the parish in March and April 2021. Accordingly, we have been working closely with Beyton Parish Council to agree the scope and timing of a planning application that would represent a large step towards securing the Neighbourhood Plan’s vision for the village.

Our proposals would provide the following benefits for the villages, as required by the draft Neighbourhood Plan and illustrated by the draft masterplan:

  • A development comprising 14 new homes ranging in size from 2 to 4 bedrooms with a focus on helping to meet the need for smaller houses in the village;
  • The provision of 5 units as affordable housing in line with the draft Neighbourhood Plan requirement;
  • Traffic calming measures along Bury Road including a reduction of the speed limit to 30mph, a new gateway feature to the village, a priority access chicane, a new footpath along the southern side of the road and a safe pedestrian crossing linking this path to the existing pavement to the north; and
  • Ecological improvements including the creation of new ponds, hedgerows and grassland areas around the fringes of the site which would actually represent an enriched habitat when compared to the current grassland;

The proposed scheme aims to meet some of Beyton’s unmet housing need focussing predominantly on housing for the elderly looking to downsize and on starter homes. It is also intended to deliver key benefits identified through the Neighbourhood Plan process including the delivery of 5 new affordable homes for local people along with highway works to slow the traffic using Bury road.

Public Consultation

Stakeholder engagement is a key part of the development process. We have been engaging with Beyton Parish Council and key members of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group. We are interested to hear residents’ views, ideas and concerns. We have therefore set up this dedicated consultation page so that residents still have the opportunity to ask questions, or to comment on the proposals prior to Manor Oak Homes submitting a planning application.

Formal Pre-application consultation is now closed. 

Data Protection: all contact details and comments will not be passed on to any other private organisation and will only be used expressly in connection with this consultation.

Planning application submitted

Illustrative Masterplan

We have published a PDF of the draft Illustrative Masterplan, click to download.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this download, if this isn’t installed on your device, simply click on the ‘Get Acrobat’, prior to downloading.


As part of developing our proposals, we would like feedback from local people about what this future environment should look like and how it will best fit in with your community and your surrounding areas.

We would like to hear your views on areas such as:
– Public open space
– Broad mix of homes
– Road calming measures
– Affordable homes

Pre-application Consultation has now begun and will conclude on the 15th June 2021.

The Pre-application Public Consultation has now closed

FEEDBACK : Land south of Bury Road, Beyton

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Data Protection: your contact details and comments will not be passed on to any other private organisation and will only be used expressly in connection with this consultation.


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