Land Promoters and Developers Federation

Manor Oak Homes are founding members of the Land Promoters and Developers Federation.

The Land Promoters & Developers Federation (LPDF) is a collection of the UK’s leading land promotion and development businesses. LPDF members specialise in the promotion and development of predominantly strategic land across the UK, delivering from circa 30 new home sites to larger scale sites of up to 10,000 new homes alongside associated community facilities, employment and supporting infrastructure.

The perceived opacity, complicated and lengthy nature of the planning system is commonly blamed for the supply of housing not meeting the demand for new homes. Within this, the role land promoters play in the delivery of housing, infrastructure and entire new communities is often misunderstood.  We want to dispense with some of the myths and misconceptions around the role of land promoters and developers by highlighting the expertise and track record of our members as well as through research relating to the sector as a whole.

By coming together, despite our competing interests, our ambition is to enhance the current debate on housing supply and be part of the process of finding solutions that makes the future for those still searching for a home of their own a brighter one.

What we do

LPDF members support the housebuilding sector providing “oven ready” land with planning permission that can easily be aquired and built out by national and regional housebuilders, helping bring homes to the market in a timely manner to meet local need.

Land sites include both greenfield and brownfield land, often requiring significant investment in infrastructure and decontamination.

Approaches to engaging with housebuilders varies depending on the scale of development. Some land promoters and developers will sell land once consented to housebuilders, with some acting as Master Developers providing infrastructure such as schools and sports facilities, before selling serviced land parcels to multiple housebuilders, therefore enabling faster delivery and bringing new homes to the market quickly.

Our goals

  • To achieve planning permission and provide housebuilders with a supply of consented land for the delivery of homes in a timely manner to help address the undersupply of housing in the UK.
  • Dispel the myths and misconceptions of the role of land promoters and developers in housing delivery.
  • Enhance the current debate on housing supply and be part of the process for finding solutions to solve the housing crisis.


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Current Projects

Manor Oak Homes are currently working with landowners by taking land through the complex and ever changing planning process, predominantly focusing on residential development we have the following schemes active.


For Sale

Manor Oak Homes has achieved highly valuable planning permission for the landowners on the following sites, maximising the financial benefit. These projects are now being offered with planning consent in the open market.

PLEASE NOTE : You will need a username and password to access the sales documents, each scheme will direct you to the acting agents.



Manor Oak Homes are proactive in unlocking the full development potential of land to be developed, maximising the financial benefit for the landowners through strategic land development opportunities, find out more about how this works.

Who is behind the success of Manor Oak Homes?


Manor Oak Homes is a multi-disciplined company that specialises in promotional agreements, option agreements and freehold purchases for strategic land opportunities.

We believe in working on an open-book basis, building a strong relationship with clients, consultants, political bodies and industry contacts alike. We insist on working in a spirit of good faith, ensuring that we work in an environment of transparency and trust. We do not rely on a board, or the excuse of a board not to get things done, and will always pick up the phone at the first opportunity.

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Our Current Projects in various stages of the planning process


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